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Eight Pieces Of Silk

Introduction to Eight Pieces Of Silk

The “Eight Pieces of Silk,” (Ba Duan Jin) this is a great sequence to learn so you can continue to practise it daily wherever you are. It is one of the oldest of the Qigong forms and with regular practise it keeps the body fluid and supple, the heart soft and open and the mind sharp and clear. 

Pressing To Heaven

This stimulates the triple warmer, from the stomach and lower organs and up into the heart and lungs. It also exercises the upper back, neck and shoulders

The Archer

This stimulates the heart and the lungs, improving the circulation of blood, oxygen and Qi. It also stimulates the energy of the large intestine and strengthens both arms and legs.

Separating Heaven & Earth

This exercise helps regulate digestion and improves the spleen and stomach. It also connects the yin energy of the earth with the yang energy from heaven and balances them through the body.

Wise Owl Looks Behind

This stimulates the lymphatic system and pumps stagnant lymph through the body, it also helps to release the deep facial chains in the body and helps to release emotional blocks.

Kidneys To Heart

This powerful exercise helps balance the water from the kidneys with the fire in the heart. Fire down, water up balances the energy in the body and enhances the Qi flow throughout the body.

Bear Looks From Side To Side

Balances the energy of the heart and stimulates the liver and spleen as well as creating a supple spine and strong legs. 

Punching With Angry Eyes

Purges anger from the liver, releases blocked emotions and builds strength in the arms and legs.

Bringing It Home

Bringing the sequence to a close, this balances the yin and yang energy in the body, fixes the Qi deep into the bones and calms the mind. A great lead into further standing or seated meditation.

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