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Perth Qigong Classes

A gentle grounding martial arts practice suitable for all ages and fitness levels, integrating mind, body and spirit.  Reduces stress and anxiety.

Session Info & Pricing

Pay for 10 classes and get one free. 

Join us for Qigong and explore the Eight Pieces of Silk, White Tiger Qigong as well as some primal animal forms which gently open our energy centres and keep us grounded, interspersed with our other flowing Daoist Qigong movements and breath work. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels from beginners to advanced practitioners

The classes on offer are Thursday and Saturday  9 - 10 am

Cottesloe Civic Centre - rear lawn area.


Try one class for $20,  if you like it, the commitment is to do a full term of 10 classes.

Total price is $180 (save $20) 

Qigong Classes Perth

No matter what your age or fitness level you can jump straight into our classes and start to feel the qigong benefit of balancing the mind, body and spirit.

If you’re feeling stressed by life, or just not getting the right balance between strength and flexibility from your other forms of exercise Qigong is a great way to find that balance.  Holly one of our regular students says –

“Bill's Qigong classes are fantastic! I always come away feeling as if I've had a full body massage coupled with a deep mediation, a great way to start any day, thanks Bill.

Why choose Grace Qigong? 

There are a few different options available in Perth Qigong. Primarily it comes down to finding a teacher that you feel comfortable with and feel you are learning from. The form of Qigong that we teach -  White Tiger Qigong is quite unique in that it blends the ancient Daoist Medical Qigong with the latest in sports science and physiology. We teach you why each movement is carried out in a certain way and teach you about kinetic chains, facial lines, the connection of the practice to the neurological system and how this relates to the system of traditional Chinese medicine really linking this ancient teaching into the 21st century.


Will I get bored with Qigong?

If you are a person who is interested in becoming more mindful and exploring the subtlety of movement and energy in the body, then you are very unlikely to ever get bored with Qigong. The movements are never the same so whether it’s your first class or you have plenty of Qigong experience you will still find the variations in the techniques we teach keep you challenged and interested.


One of the beauties of Qigong training is that as you become more experienced you can just keep going deeper into the Qigong experience - slowing the breath down, deepening the stances, refining the quality of your movements, learning to focus the flow of energy through the body in the right way for each exercise, understanding which meridian energy lines and facial lines each movement is activating and the list goes on. It is no exaggeration to say that Qigong really is a journey of lifelong learning and exploration.

What should I wear to Qigong?

Just wear loose comfortable sports clothing and flat comfortable shoes, we go barefoot when the weather allows and have a few layers in the winter so you can peel them off as you warm up. Once you get your core temperature up you will find that even in cold weather you won’t feel the cold. Bring a water bottle to stay well hydrated.


How long does a Qigong class last? 

Our classes always run for one hour and by the end of each class, we guarantee you will feel great. Although some Qigong classes run for 90 minutes we find that for the average person 60 minutes is quite long enough to get all the Qigong benefits. We challenge the fitter or stronger members in a class to go deeper into the forms so everyone is working to their maximum potential.

Is Qigong like Yoga?

There are some similarities in that both practices are linking sequences of movement to breath and working with energy flow in the body but that's about as far as it goes. Qigong movements are in constant flow, rarely pausing from one movement to the next. Qigong classes never extend you into the end of range movement, although we are gently exploring how far we can comfortably move into different positions, so it is very rare to ever get injured doing a Qigong class. So the Qigong benefits come from dynamic stretching rather than the passive stretching often seen in yoga. As we are extending we are mindfully opening the body and allowing the Qi to flow through the meridians as we balance the energy in the body. Qigong is primarily interested in three main energy centres in the body and nurturing these “three treasures” is at the core of the practice.

Is Qigong the only exercise I need to do?

We recommend doing a range of different activities to stay optimally fit and healthy so unless you are an advanced practitioner doing a couple of hours of Qigong a day you will probably want to compliment your Qigong exercise with other activities. Walking/jogging, strength and conditioning training and other forms of exercise all work really well with a Qigong routine. Each person depending on age and energy level will have different exercise requirements. But one thing we can say is that once you start to feel the Qigong benefits that come with regular practice it will likely become an indispensable part of your weekly routine.

Spring Term Bookings

Please complete the application form to register for our classes.

We will confirm your place by email.

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How will you pay?

Cash payments preferred, but

if you would rather direct debit, please make your deposit to my bank account using your surname as a reference. To William Grace,

BSB 736034 Bank Account 635567

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