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Qigong Cottesloe - Perth

Join us for Qigong classes in Cottesloe - Perth

Qigong is a dynamic meditation composed of soft, flowing sequences of movement. By connecting these gentle yet powerful movements to breath, then adding ‘yi’ (intent), Qigong in Perth reconnects mind, body and spirit in a deep and powerful way. The movements are designed to stimulate the acupuncture meridian lines and their associated organs to promote self-healing. With regular practise the musculature and fascia of the body are balanced and integrated, relieving patterned stress and tension and creating a strong, yet supple ‘bamboo body’.


The literal meaning of “qi” is hard to translate, loosely it means energy or air, while “gong” means work. In traditional Chinese medicine theory, the flow of qi guides the functions of the body, blocked qi can result in illness. Harmonising qi is the way to bring balance and health to the body mind and spirit, Qigong practice rebalances the body’s qi. As your experience of qi increases, you become able to unify the spirit (shen), essence (jing) and energy (qi) to increase your health and wellbeing.


In the practice of Perth Qigong, there are both external and internal movements, it is this combination that makes Qigong such a powerful practice for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


The benefits of Qigong in Perth are many but with regular practice reported, the benefits include:

• Reduction of depression & anxiety
• Improved cardiovascular health
• Increased energy & vitality
• Improved immune function
• Improved mobility & flexibility


Book in today for a Qigong Perth class and start your Qigong journey with us.

About Bill

For over 40 years l have practiced martial arts, qigong, yoga and meditation. I have always been deeply interested in the development of mind, body and spirit.

Bill Grace practising qigong outdoors in Perth
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