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"Bill has supported me in my journey recovering from cancer and has an amazing gift channelling energy. A reiki session with him will leave you feeling completely rebalanced on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Bill is incredibly professional and you walk away from a treatment feeling relaxed, energised and incredibly peaceful. Thank you."



“ I absolutely love Qigong - it’s energising, calming and healing all at the same time. Bill is a wonderful instructor and makes everyone feel safe and comfortable. The Cottesloe Civic Centre and its beautiful gardens is the perfect location. I’m so pleased that I found qigong.“



"I have been attending Bill's White Tiger Qi Gong classes since October 2021.  Bill has a wealth of knowledge in the field of energy work, and is a wonderful teacher who communicates clearly and with empathy.  I always feel invigorated, calm and grounded following Bill's classes.  Thank you Bill, for teaching me how to connect to my own energy, and to the universal energy around me.



"Bill is a natural teacher who holds a beautiful space during his classes. You can feel the love he has for qigong through the wisdom he shares and presence he brings. I am very grateful to be able to regularly practice with Bill and have seen a profound deepening within my personal practice."



“I love and look forward to my Qigong mornings with Bill. I always feel more grounded, centred and at peace after practicing. Thank you Bill for being such a wonderful instructor and making Qigong one of my favourite rituals.” 


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