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Flow Classes

Flow Class - Start Here

This is the first of our Flow Class series, give it a try and if you like this style of Qigong there are more classes available in the membership section with new classes added each week.

Tiger Qigong - For the lungs

The tiger forms in Qigong, stimulate the metal element in the body and the lungs are the yin organ related to this element. So tiger is an energising form that works the whole body but really opens the lungs, bringing strength, clarity and focus.

Kidney & Lungs Qigong

The connection between kidney and lungs is really important for stimulating Qi  in the body, the lungs draw in Qi from outside the body, send it to the kidneys which then send it deep into the bones and connective tissue of our bodies. Working the water and metal elements.

Qigong for kidneys

Chinese medicine often refers to the kidneys as the master organ, they are the water element in the body, they hold the emotion of fear, so working the kidneys allows us to build strength and courage. 

Qigong for weight loss

Qigong can be slow and gentle of more energetic and stimulating, this class shows a sequence that when done more rigorously is good for weight loss, but more importantly good for overall health and resilience.

Qigong for back pain

For many of us the spine is a part of the body that becomes the weak link in the chain as we grow older. Here is a sequence that focuses on keep the spine, healthy, supple and strong. Cultivating our bamboo body.

Connecting Heaven & Earth

Our bodies can be thought of as the point of connection between heaven (the universe) and earth. Qigong is all about stimulating this vital connection between the two by opening the energy flow in our bodies. This class focuses specifically on this.

Qigong for the heart

The heart is the centre of the fire element in our bodies, the centre of our emotions, the organ that pumps blood and therefore Qi around our bodies. So we focus here on opening and expanding the heart centre, whilst balancing the fire element.

Qigong for chronic pain

We all suffer from pain at times, but when it becomes chronic (persists for a long time) Not only can it wear us down but it becomes a self perpetuating cycle, this is a short class to help with softening into pain and engaging the parasympathetic nervous system to help with chronic pain.

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