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The Benefits of Qigong

Qigong has been practised in China for thousands of years and Qigong benefits have been well documented over the millenia. There are many peer reviewed medical studies showing the efficacy of Qigong classes as a powerful healing tool for balancing out a multitude of health conditions. In China, Qigong classes are available in many hospital settings and Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine are offered as healing tools alongside modern medicine.

For over 5000 years Qigong has been practiced in China and handed down from master to student. There are over 3000 different forms of Qigong which simply means (working with energy) so many of the well known forms of martial arts that focus on energy are in fact forms of Qigong - for example Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Bagwa, Ching Yi.

Qigong was one of the primary ways in which the Chinese kept their health for millenia, doing their daily practice and seeing their traditional Chinese Medical doctor for herbs and acupuncture was their primary method of healthcare.

Today we are beginning to recognise through many in depth scientific studies just how potent the ancient practice of Qigong really is.

In Perth, Qigong has only recently become popular and the Qigong benefits are becoming more widely recognised as numbers grow in Perth.

So, let's look at some of the many Qigong Benefits:

Improved balance

Qigong focuses on controlled, slow movements which improve your proprioception, or awareness of your body in space, this helps to improve balance, muscular strength, and flexibility. The Qigong forms involve balancing on one leg at a time, rotating through large ranges of movement and bending and twisting in all directions.We build supple strong “bamboo bodies”.

As we age and become more mindful of the danger of falls. Qigong is great for maintaining strength and flexibility and a well balanced supple body is much less likely to topple and fall.

These qigong benefits are not confined to the elderly, improved balance and coordination is of great benefit to us at all ages.

Lowering stress and anxiety

Qigong classes are fantastic at lowering stress and anxiety levels in the body. When we connect our deep Qigong breathing to our flowing movements we are tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system and relaxing off the bodies ‘fight or flight’ response which deeply calms us.

When we are in the Qigong flow state it is a deep form of dynamic meditation where our busy brains are forced to switch off and focus totally on the breath, the movement and the energy flow, greatly dropping any stress or anxiety we may be holding on to. We flow the energy up and down the central energy channel (Chong Mai) which calms the whole nervous system and activates the energy centre (the upper dantien) in the middle of the head, which is our centre for intuition and consciousness.

We live in environments which are often quite stressful, so to create time through joining a regular Qigong class allows the body to deeply relax and focus on just one activity for a whole hour which is rare in our busy lives. So by making Qigong a part of your weekly routine you will be inviting all of the healing Qigong benefits into your life.

Lowering the risk of chronic disease

Qigong benefits many people around the world, especially those with chronic diseases. There are many studies to show that the onset of heart disease, diabetes, many forms of cancer, chronic fatigue, and an array of mental health issues may all be significantly reduced in populations of people who regularly practice Qigong. Improving the quality of your breathing, calming the mind and gently yet deeply exercising the whole body creates an ideal environment for the body's natural healing ability to be activated.

This is not to say that the likely Qigong benefits are a stand alone treatment, rather a valuable addition to current medical treatments prescribed by qualified healthcare providers.

Improved focus

In Perth, many people struggle to focus on tasks due to the busyness of day-to-day life. Qigong requires the focus of the breath, mind, and body by balancing the Three Treasures – The Jing (life force), The Qi (the energy flow) and the Shen (the consciousness and intention).

The slow meditative movements connected to breathing take the focus away from the mind and into the whole body, bringing about a great sense of calm, clarity and improved focus.

So joining a Perth Qigong class may be just the thing to help you to improve your mental clarity and focus.

Join us at Grace Qigong, based in Cottesloe, where we offer Qigong classes to all ages and experience levels. Bill, our founder, has over 40 years of experience in Qigong and other martial arts and is a certified White Tiger Qigong teacher.

If you’re after Perth Qigong classes where you will learn to develop life-enhancing techniques, call us on 0417447074 to book a spot in one of our classes. We can’t wait for you to experience and start your Qigong journey with us.

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