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Unwinding the Body to Release Stress and Tension with Qigong

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

“Surrender brings perfection, the crooked become straight, the empty become full, the worn become new. Have little and gain much, have much and be confused.” Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching

I would like to talk to you about Qigong.

In Perth Qigong is still to be really embraced and yet a regular Qigong class once or twice a week really can add so much to the quality of health and wellbeing in our lives.

Learning to adjust to the world

As we travel through our life journey gathering much, we learn how to adjust to the world as it “comes at us”. We interact, we gain knowledge and life experience, we work and accumulate possessions, friendships, new ways of being and relating in our world. We take on the ideas and constructs of our society and we build up a structure around ourselves over years of living which shapes over time who we are and how we fit into the world around us in Perth.

Also, as we move through life, we experience all of the emotions that life presents to us, the highs, the lows, joy, love, stress and tension and everything else that the journey of life brings to us.

For many of us this accumulation of “life stuff” over years builds up layers of stress and tension in our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies simply as a result of having to adjust and compensate from the free flowing, carefree child we started from into an adult living and interacting in the world.

Somewhere along this journey many of us reach a place where we know that we need a way of unwinding and slowing down our body’s response to all that life has surrounded us with. A way of unwinding the spring a little to reduce the tension which can manifest in so many ways.

If you relate to what I’m saying maybe, it’s time for your spring to be released a little? In Perth Qigong is becoming more widely practised and I offer three Qigong classes each week in Perth.

Qigong - One of the most powerful and holistic practices

One of the most powerful and holistic practices I have found to facilitate

this process of unwinding - or realignment, is Qigong - a Daoist Medical Qigong with 5000 years of history behind it, fused with cutting edge modern science. So joining Qigong classes in Perth is a great way to start your energy flowing.

A Qigong class is an amazing wholistic practise blending together the principles of Yin and Yang energy in the body and in the world around us, the understanding of Qi, your bodies life force, where it comes from, how it flows through the body and how with the practise of Qigong (working with energy) we can start to understand how to increase the flow of this energy through our bodies and lives. Perth is a wonderful place to go on this journey, finding a Perth Qigong class close to where you live in Perth could be the best investment you could make towards enhancing your health and wellbeing

Start unwinding your spring with Qigong classes in Perth

We begin to start to unwind that spring and to connect with the wellspring of energy that is life and we become able to guide this life force around and through us. In Essence over time we move towards becoming one with that lifeforce.

So right here in Perth, Qigong is coming of age, find a local Qigong class and start unwinding your spring.

“Like air Qi has it’s own movement and activates things other than itself. Just as the wind moves the trees, grasses and water, so Qi moves the chest causing inhalation and exhalation. People do not inhale Qi, rather Qi is the motive force that establishes respiration, in this way Qi is the cause and also the effect.” Between Heaven and Earth – Harriett Beinfield and Efrem Korngold
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