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Grace Qigong Membership Benefits
qigong practise at sunset in Perth
  • Learn Qigong from the comfort and convenience of your home.

  • Take classes at the times and frequency that best works for you

  • Choose classes with health benefits specific to your needs

  • Option to purchase private zoom classes

Grace Qigong classes are from the Daoist Medical Qigong tradition, so they offer many wonderful benefits to your health and wellbeing when practiced regularly.

​The classes are set up in the following categories:

1.The Eight Pieces of Silk 
My recommendation is to begin by learning the “Eight Pieces of Silk,” this is a great sequence to have under your belt so you can continue to practise it daily wherever you are. It has many well documented health benefits and keeps the body fluid and supple, the heart soft and open and the mind clear and sharp. I suggest you consider making this your starting program and learn each individual movement then practise it as a sequence doing up to 9 repetitions of each form which would take about 1 hour to complete. If rote learning off sequences is just not your thing maybe jump straight into the flow classes.

2.Qigong Flow classes 

These are from 30 minutes and up to 1 hour long and they flow from one qigong movement into the next, this is how I teach my students in my live classes and in my experience is a great way to learn Qigong. You get the many benefits of Qigong without becoming bored by doing the same exercises over and over each day.

3.Free Flow Classes

For people who love free form movement such as flow yoga, dance, tai chi etc these classes are for you. They take all the principles of Qigong, structure, form, breath and focus and move between Qigong forms and free flow self-expressive movement, then back into Qigong forms again. If you’re adventurous give these unique classes a try.

Additional Membership Benefit
Bill practising qigong in Perth

Members have the option to purchase one on one zoom sessions with me for $50 each session.

You can buy as many sessions as you need to help refine your Qigong or troubleshoot any problems you have with any of the movements. 

This option is great for people who can't attend the live classes but need some one on one time to help you refine your technique.

Become a Grace Qigong member and enjoy the benefits of exclusive access to our videos


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    • Access to all our videos
    • One on one email access - get questions answered
    • Option to book a private zoom class

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